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Overview PC Matic

PC Matic Organized in 1999, Windows 98 was the prevailing administration system, and PC Pitstop was a free computer demonstrative website. We became an internet feeling ranking constantly in Alexa's top 1000 websites. 

We were off to the events. By 2009, PC Pitstop had grown, and we launched PC Matic, a comprehensive tool to care for the maintenance and security of all your computers. The next year, my wife and my father were running PC Matic, and both got spoiled with the FBI virus, an ancient form of ransomware. 

At the time, we were authorizing a third-party antivirus, so we developed our own unique in the United States.In January 2011, we launched Super-Shield, PC Matic's real-time protection based on a whitelist. The flaw in antivirus then and still today is how it deals with unknown applications. If a blacklist AV sees an unknown file, it assumes it to be good. 

That is the security hole and why our nation is facing a ransomware crisis. The whitelist assumes unknown files are bad until our researchers can verify their authenticity.

We learned that we can not claim our whitelist has superior protection. We had to prove it. In 2014, we won our first Virus Bulletin RAP test, the industry's most difficult detection rate test. But we were not done, by the end of 2016.

 We achieved the first perfect score on the RAP test. Isn't that what we all want in an antivirus? To correctly detect 100% of the viruses?

What is PC Matic? 

PC Matic is a very powerful antivirus that provides superior security protection over all security products for your systems, free or otherwise, on the market. On top of that, PC Matic keeps your computers running at peak performance even after years of use. PC Matic pricing options include also there.

There is 2 type of plans is available :

1. £40 for up to 5 computers/year.

2. £132 for up to 5 computers for the rest of your life*.

It's available for Windows, macOS, and Android Devices PC Matic support also.

How does PC Matic Work? 

Use PC Matic Login to use the antivirus software that has the capability to optimize your system also. It provides a high level of Security for your all-installed device. It provides security Malwarebytes, cookies, Resident virus, Browser hijacker, Network Virus, Boost sector Virus, and many more.

PC Matic is not your typical antivirus software. Instead of using a blacklist of known malware as most antiviruses do, PC Matic’s antivirus scanner has a “whitelist” of all known legitimate programs, and it blocks any program that’s not on the whitelist.

PC Matic also includes a real-time protection feature — which, a little annoyingly, is optional. I was curious whether or not PC Matic’s unconventional approach to malware detection would really work, so I tested PC Matic against a wide range of malware, including viruses, trojans, and ransomware. I also assessed its additional features, ease of use, and overall value.

PC Matic sign in? 

How to Download, Install and Start PC Matic on another computer Try these below-given lines

  1.  Go to the PC Matic official Page and visit the official link then Click on it. 
  2.  Enter your login details and click to log in.
  3. Open PC Matic standard website.
  4. Click to free download.
  5. Click on install.
  6. As the install is finished click on login/sign-in on the bottom left corner of your PC Matic Windows.
  7. Fill up your registered email id and password and click on Login/Sign in.

PC Matic sign in helpline number +1-724-517-4020

How to PC Matic login into your System computer or Laptop? 

Follow the instructions below to add a Windows device to a PC Matic account. Supported Windows Versions: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Open your computer and go to your favorite browser and then open your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.) For computer, you wish to install on your PC or Laptop.

  • Type in the URL www dot PC Matic dot com slash download and press enter. 
  • The installer file will automatically download. You may see it in the lower-left corner of your browser (Chrome), or you can find it in your Downloads folder. 
  • Note: If you are using the chrome browser so press the (Ctrl+J) shortcut to reach your download path.
  • Instant to Double click on the installation file, or click it once and press enter.
  • If prompted with User Account Control, Then click Yes Button. 
  • Choose language and then click OK. 
  • Read delicately and accept the
  •  License Agreement and click Next. 
  • Press the Next button to confirm the install location.
  • Press the Next to verify the start menu location.
  • Decide if you want to generate a desktop shortcut icon and click Next. 
  • Select Install.
  • Once complete, select to Launch PC Matic and click Finish. 
  • When PC Matic launches, click Login in the lower-left corner. 
  • Enter your PC Matic account email address and password and click Login. 
  • You’ve completed installing PC Matic!
  • Now, run a scan and clean to complete the setup of your new computer! 

PC Matic login Support Number +1-724-517-4020

How to PC Matic login into your Mobile Device? 

  • Start Your Android Device and opens It.
  • Go to Google play store and type in the search box over there "PC Matic".
  • Choose and then Press the PC Matic application in the list bar. 
  • Download this Application on your device.
  • After Download On the page for our application, tap Install. 
  • Now Press the Open button after installation completes. 
  • Create an account for that with a valid username and Password.
  • Then Enter the registered user name and password.
  • Then Log in with your PC Matic account email address and password.
  • You’ve completed installing PC Matic!

PC Matic customer support phone number +1-724-517-4020

How to find PC Matic phone number?

This is a very popular question for the user how to get PC Matic customer Help desk Number but you don't worry I provide you the complete solution regarding this question.

  1. Go to Your Favourite Browser and type the URL "Official PC Matic Support".
  2. Enter the text and visit the official PC Matic Page.
  3. There are three types of service available for different -2 users.
  •  PC Matic
  • PC Matic MSP
  • PC Matic Pro.

4.Please choose accordingly for a better solution. 

5.Choose the technical Support Options.

6.You will get an Instant solution via the PC Matic customer care Team after following all processes.

Note: Our technicians are available 7 days a week to assist you. Please fill out the form below. Contact PC Matic to inquire about PC Matic Pro. 

PC Matic Helpdesk Phone number : +1-724-517-4020

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